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Are you considering moving your business to another country? Get advice from experts with years of experience and full assistance on all business, migration and banking matters. We can also quickly register a company abroad.

When choosing a country for business migration, we advise you to consider the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, political neutrality is the basis of the state’s strategy, and foreign entrepreneurs can freely dispose of their assets and enjoy the lowest taxes in the free zones.


Due to the large influx of foreign capital, the UAE economy is experiencing rapid growth. The Emirates remains one of the few countries where safe company relocation and tax optimization are available on favorable terms.

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Move your business to the United Arab Emirates with our expert support. We offer a range of moving services for foreign entrepreneurs, as well as solving banking and tax issues.


on which jurisdiction is best for
your business, preferred tax system,
corporate structure.

Benefits of business relocation to UAE

Attractive features of UAE for business relocation from other countries are:

  • First, it is a safe business environment and a safe banking sector. In the UAE, you can not only open a company or transfer an existing business, but also move to permanent residence and buy real estate.
  • Due to the growth of the UAE economy, the state is interested in the influx of foreign entrepreneurs and creates the most favorable conditions for this.
  • The UAE is a strategic point between world markets where all commodity money flows in Europe, Asia and Africa intersect.
  • Foreign investors have access to 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • In the Emirates, it is allowed to freely dispose of business assets at the regulatory level. At the same time, a foreign investor does not have a tax liability for the input and output of capital.
  • The large consumer market in the United Arab Emirates is an excellent chance to start a business from scratch or develop an already established business, also on a global scale.
  • The GCC Free Trade Zone, the EACTC Free Trade Agreement, WTO and GAFTA membership, 115 double taxation agreements and 36 mutual investment protection agreements – all this indicates that the UAE government is taking care of the country’s economy and the influx of foreign investors.
  • The financial security of the UAE’s banking sector remains unsurpassed, including customer privacy concerns and a stable national currency.
  • For exporters and importers, the Emirates can be attractive for business relocation due to their low customs tariffs . The standard rate for the main product group is no more than 5%, and for re-exports it is completely absent.

! If business relocation abroad is one of your main goals, don’t wait and start your journey with a consultation with our experts. We help you choose a country in accordance with your citizenship, tax preferences and area of activity. We will also provide full support for company relocation to any state.

Business relocation to UAE – your reliability and security

The unstable political and economic situation in the world can lead to not the most pleasant consequences for your business. This has become one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs seek to transfer their business and capital to the most peaceful and economically prosperous countries, which undoubtedly includes the UAE.

To protect their business and assets, many business people also choose offshore jurisdictions, for example the UAE

Opening a new business in the UAE or transferring an existing one can be done quickly and without obstacles. And this is not only an opportunity to wait out difficult times, but access to the global market, tax optimization and successful business planning niches.

Tools for business optimization in the Emirates at the regulatory level

To understand how profitable business relocation to the UAE is, you should carefully study the company and tax laws of this state. Here are short essays that allow an objective assessment of the Emirates as a jurisdiction for registering international companies, opening bank accounts and relocating existing companies:

  1. UAE tax resident status gives the right to apply international investment protection agreements and ensures complete confidentiality of the company’s signatories and shareholders.
  2. Consolidation of assets and business in the UAE makes it possible to make settlements within the consolidated structure formed in this country, as well as transfer profits between groups to apply a tax rate of 0%.
  3. The banking sector in the UAE provides independent management of business accounts in the Emirates and abroad, protection against CRS (Common Reporting Standard, i.e. automatic exchange of tax information) and confidentiality of banking transactions (for UAE residents).
  4. Financial substance opens up additional security and stability guarantees after company relocation to the UAE. First and foremost, this is an avoidance of additional taxes on an international/offshore company, as well as access to all Emirates regulatory tools and legal settlement systems with an added bonus of tax burden reduction.
  5. Holding structures in the UAE are a direct route to maximum profit, simplified management through consolidation of activities and the right to form a clearing house for repatriation of capital.
  6. Arab Trust in the Emirates is a structure with a high level of protection of personal information, including property owners, whose information is not transferred to third parties.

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Book an introductory consultation and find out how the business relocation to the UAE works with the support of our experts and partners. We guarantee confidentiality to each client and only offer secure ways of business migration within the legal framework of each country.

KGN assistance in moving companies to the UAE

To quickly transfer your business to the UAE from any state, please contact our experts and get a full range of relocation services:

  1. Elaboration of a business model in accordance with your field of activity.
  2. Registering a business in the UAE mainland or free zones.
  3. Business licenses in the Emirates.
  4. Renting an office and legal address for an incorporated company.
  5. Opening of bank accounts (personal, company, reserve, offshore).
  6. Professional shareholder/manager/director services.

When you choose the company relocation to UAE with our expert support, you can use ready-made packages of services. Additional services are discussed individually, and if necessary, we can help you open a company in the UAE remotely.

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