Get business advice from a host of experienced business consultants from KGN

Every day, thousands of companies get help and business advice from a multitude of skilled business consultants. A business consultant can advise you on issues such as strategy and organizational development or the future and changes in the market.

Our advice is concrete and takes a pragmatic point of departure from your reality, and for two decades it has produced good results for the small and large companies we have helped over time. We come with the toolbox full of knowledge and experience, which is translated into changes and progress in your company.

Our business consultants manage to see all the way around your company, just as they look into the very depths of the core business. This means that you do not always get exactly what you ask for from us. In return, you get exactly what you need.

Our Services

Guiding Principles for Lasting Partnerships


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and transparency in all interactions with clients, partners, and team members.


We believe in the power of collaboration, both within our team and with our clients. By fostering open communication and teamwork, we achieve greater outcomes together

Our Approach

We challenge worldviews

A process with us starts softly, where we behave politely, listening and understanding. The course becomes tougher at the point in the process when we challenge you and your methods with critical questions and looks. Here we can seem both harsh and disrespectful, but we assure you that we act with a loving heart and with your interests in mind. It is important that we push you and your worldview a little if we are to solve your challenges.

A business consultant can help with many types of tasks – from the completely theoretical to the very concrete. At KGN, we help with, among other things:

To focus on the desired behavior in the company. This means that together we find out where the company is going – and how we will subsequently get there. We look at the behavior that stands in the way of reaching the goal and the behavior that gets us there.

To spread the power of management in companies. This can be done through restructuring, coaching, team development, management training and the like.

Analyzing, creating and implementing future strategies and business models.

It might seem like tasks that you could easily solve internally or with a new hire, but as business consultants we have some clear advantages that go beyond the obligations, costs and personnel law of an appointment. Among other things, we can offer:

New perspectives on your company, which you may not necessarily see as internal yourself.

That you get a direct message. We speak our mind without circumlocution, and we are in no way hampered by hierarchy and ambitions within the organisation. On the contrary, it is a mark of nobility for us to contradict the power when it needs to be contradicted – of course in a proper way.

Many years of experience with precisely the new processes you are faced with having to go through.

Knowledge of Best Practice and ideas from many different industries.

It is you who must set the course

As business consultants, it is not our job to manage or change your business. Our task is to focus on your challenges and issues. Pushing your behavior. To equip you so that you yourself can create the changes needed to reach your goals. To create the strategy of the future in collaboration.

We are with you for a limited period, and we will not be there longer than absolutely necessary – although we will probably have a nice time now. That is why we also spend a lot of energy preparing you for the time after us, so that you stand so strong that you no longer need us. Although of course we always answer if you call – regardless of whether the problems are old or new.

A course with us as business consultants is neither platitude nor useless. When we have been in your company, you have actually moved significantly when we leave you again. However, it is not our profit – it is yours.

Our Experts Are Here For Your Success

Our consultancy has existed since 1996, while our experience goes back even further – and is broader. We operate a consulting business with a focus on concrete results via thoroughness, creativity, in-depth knowledge for both companies and industries – and not least experience from our many years in the market.