Get help with Bankruptcy and Reconstruction at KGN


Get help with Bankruptcy and Reconstruction at KGN
Have you lost track of your company’s finances and the stack of bills is piling up?
Are you facing bankruptcy and need a fresh start but have no idea how to do it?
At KGN, we understand your situation.
It’s never fun to see your life’s work crumble before your eyes.
One sleepless night turns into several, and the stress about the future is overwhelming.

At KGN, we are your friend in a difficult and challenging time.
We help you create an overview of your situation and help you create structure in a chaotic time.

Our advice for companies threatened with bankruptcy is tailored to your situation, and we examine all options so that you can move forward as best as possible. Does the company have to start reconstruction? Petition for bankruptcy? Or transferring the activities to a new company or something completely different? Regardless of the solution, we are with you all the way.

Filing for bankruptcy or reorganization is an emotional process. We know it. Let us help you get the overview in a world of lawyers’ language and incomprehensible legal texts. We speak a language you can understand. We are a strong team of advisers with more than 25 years of experience in bankruptcy. We can provide both comprehensive advice on bankruptcies so that you can get a fresh start.

We can also help in the form of the correct transfer of the activities/assets to a new company, so that the new company can continue operations. In most cases, the new company will be released from a greater or lesser part of the old company’s debt .
In the specific case, we can provide more information about this type of reconstruction of a company that is threatened with bankruptcy.

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